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If your circumstances change, if you take on a 2nd job, or leave a job you had previously disclosed, and you need to update your OAQ (Annual Outside Activity Questionnaire) the first step is to navigate to

In the top right hand corner, please should click “Login” and login using your NetID and Password.

Once you log in, click the “Submissions” tab and you should see “Annual Outside Activity Questionnaire for [YOUR NAME]”

Click on the link to open up your OAQ.

If the form is in Draft Status, you should click “Edit” to begin and follow the instructions on Page 2 of the Step-by-Step guide.

If the form is in Supervisor Review, or Ethics Office Review, you should click “Request to Edit OAQ” and we will unlock the form for editing (this may take a few minutes during regular business hours). Once the OAQ is unlocked, you can click “Edit” and follow the instructions on the guide to make changes to the OAQ.

If the form is in an Approved or No Outside Activity Status, you should click “Update OAQ” and this will unlock the OAQ. You can then click “Edit” and begin the form.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once completed, please be sure to follow the instructions on Page 8 of the guide, by clicking “Submit OAQ” to finalize the submission for review.