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About Ethics Armor

Looking for a quick “How-to” guide for disclosing a second job or part-time work? Click here: Step-by-Step Guide to the OAQ

OAQ Step-by-Step Guide

Ethics Armor provides a University-wide, centralized, automated system for efficiently completing conflicts of interest disclosures for faculty and staff. Ethics Armor facilitates enforcing existing University policies and requirements through a simple, streamlined, web-based framework which includes automatic reminders and email notifications. The Ethics Armor website at maintains the relevant University policies regarding the variety of conflicts of interest and answers to any questions you may have regarding conflict of interest disclosures.

The Rutgers Ethics Armor system can be accessed at

Ethics Armor significantly reduces faculty and staff time needed to complete forms submissions and reviews.


The Ethics Armor program includes:


  • Rutgers Code of Ethics: General Conduct – annual review
  • Outside Activity Questionnaire (OAQ) – for secondary employment, submitted annually and part of your personnel record
  • Attendance at Events Forms – as needed when attending events away from the university
  • Supervisor Review – supervisors and department heads will have the opportunity to review submissions for operational concerns
  • Ethics Office Review – The Ethics Office staff will review disclosures for potential conflicts of interest
  • Scholarly Capacity Annual Disclosures – specifically for faculty, submitted annually to disclose awards and publications


Rutgers Code of Ethics (PDF),  Rutgers Code of Ethics in Spanish (PDF)
Rutgers Plain Language Guide to Fundamental Ethics and Conflict (PDF),  Rutgers Plain Language Guide to Fundamental Ethics and Conflict in Spanish (PDF)

The Ethics Office exists as a resource for University faculty and staff. If you ever have a question please feel free to contact us for confidential advice related issues of ethics and conflicts of interest. You may also contact us to request training for your department or staff.

Contact the Ethics Office by email at or by phone at 973.972.8000.