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FERPA/Student Privacy

The myGuest Dashboard is now available! This dashboard allows you to give parents, guardians, and third parties access to view content and services related to your experience at the university, such as your class schedule, financial aid awards, and term bill. While the university is offering this service, access will not be granted without your permission due to the protection of student rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). For information on signing up an authorized user visit

What is the Compliance Helpline?

  • Call 1.833.783.8442 to make a report
  • A Rutgers community reporting resource 
  • Over 200 languages available by phone
  • Individuals can report anonymously any time, day or night
  • Report unethical, non-compliant, and improper conduct, safely and securely
  • Provides confidential guidance and advice for the University community
  • Report HIPAA Concerns

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