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Gifts & Donations

Rutgers University Foundation is pleased to work with benefactors from around the world to increase private support for important research and programs. In doing so, the Foundation follows a careful process to review the sources of philanthropic funding and determine what, if any, expectations may be attached to such funding.

Donors of private funds should direct their charitable contributions to the Rutgers University Foundation. Donors and prospective donors may contact the Foundation via email at or phone 848-932-7777.

Per Rutgers University Donor Gift Policy 40.2.13, gifts and donations are voluntary and irrevocable transfers of money or property made by a donor without expectation of, or receipt of, direct economic benefit or any other tangible compensation from the donor. All funds acquired according to the terms of this definition must be deposited with the Rutgers University Foundation so that the donor can receive the appropriate acknowledgement and tax receipt. University-affiliated individuals and departments soliciting gifts from domestic and international sources must report those solicitations to the Rutgers University Foundation and/or the development office within their school, college, or unit.