International Agreements

Rutgers Global works closely with faculty and staff to develop and fully execute both research and non-research-related international agreements, that formalize an institution-to-institution partnership with a foreign entity (e.g. Memorandum of Understanding). Rutgers University does not always require an international agreement for simple research partnerships, but sometimes an international collaborator may require an agreement before a grant proposal can be submitted or before research collaborations can proceed. Rutgers Global, in conjunction with members of the University central administration (including the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs (EVPAA) and the Office of General Counsel) are responsible for ensuring that international agreements generate mutual benefit, set realistic expectations, manage risks, and adhere to campus, state, and federal requirements. All international agreements must be signed by the SVPAA and may be co-signed by other university authorities, when appropriate. The Rutgers Global International Agreements resource page resource page provides additional information about developing and executing international agreements.

Foreign Visiting Scientists and Scholars

Foreign scientists and scholars are a welcome addition to our campus, and the University supports such collaborations. Departments are responsible for verifying the employment eligibility and/or proper US immigration status of their visiting scientists and scholar. More information can be found at Rutgers Office of Human Resources for Visiting Scholars and Export Control website. Review Rutgers Policy 60.1.2 Employment of Foreign Nationals (pdf)regarding the appropriate visa requirements for such visits. Please contact Rutgers Global for assistance with any immigration or visa-related issues.

Export Control contains Visiting Student Agreements and Visiting Scientist Agreements.