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Rachael Honig
Vice President, Chief University Compliance Officer

Eugene (Gene) Simon
Associate Vice President, Deputy Chief University Compliance Officer



Annette Vallery-Hernandez
Executive Assistant


Billing & Coding Audit Group and Healthcare Compliance

Caroline Adams
Director, Enterprise Risk Management and Healthcare Billing & Coding Audit Group

Cindy Kennedy
Senior Compliance Officer -Healthcare

Laura Kanthal-Cubides
Senior Compliance Officer -Healthcare

Sandra DiBenedetto
Lead Coding & Billing Auditor

Olga Vacca
Coding and Billing Auditor

Renata Olech
Coding and Billing Auditor


Ethics, Training, Investigations, and Public Records

Casey Woods
Director of Ethics, Training, Investigations and Public Records

Pauline Lloyd
Compliance Investigator

Maura McCabe
Compliance Investigator

Damian Salvati
Compliance Investigator

Mary Ann Keys
Ethics Training Officer and OPRA Administrator

Elle Bethea
Compliance Administrator


Institutional Compliance

Danielle Washington
Director of Institutional Compliance

Institutional Compliance Officer – Research & OPRA

Laura Latorre
Institutional Compliance Officer – Disability

Danielle Washington
Institutional Compliance Officer – Athletics & OPRA

Danielle Washington
Institutional Compliance Officer – Title IX

Jewell Battle
Policy Manager


Louise Lester
Director of Privacy

Lorisha Murray
Privacy and Data Compliance Officer 

Jenna Green
Compliance and Privacy Coordinator