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HIPAA for Faculty and Staff


This section is for all faculty and staff who work with PHI or electronic PHI (ePHI). All such faculty and staff have an ethical and legal responsibility to keep PHI and ePHI confidential and secure.


This responsibility includes:

  • Reporting suspected loss of data, devices with PHI, documents with PHI or other suspected breaches to the Compliance Hotline.
  • Being well trained in HIPAA and adhere to all parts of the law.
  • Maintaining working environments that keep PHI and ePHI protected and secure.
  • Give patients a clear written explanation of how they can use, keep, and disclose their health information (Notice of Privacy Practices).
  • Ensuring patients access to their health information if they ask.
  • Ensuring disclosures are reported to this office to keep current the required accounting of disclosures database.
  • Providing recourse if privacy protections are violated. People have the right to complain to a covered provider or to the Secretary of HHS about violations of the HIPAA rule or the University policies. Everyone has a responsibility to call the Rutgers University Privacy Director at (973) 972-8000 – for any questions.
  • Ensure PHI and ePHI is treated appropriately in research.


HIPAA Forms (click here)