Restricted Party Screening, including Sanctioned Parties

It is an institutional best practice to ensure that international collaborators are not prohibited from participating in Rutgers’ research activities as a result of federal or state sanctions.  Before entering into any international collaboration, you should conduct the restricted party screening (RPS) process to confirm there are no restricted entities or individuals involved.  The involvement of sanctioned individuals in research activities could result in serious individual and institutional penalties.

Export Control Regulations require that all US Persons, including all members of Rutgers University, prevent the export (sharing) of certain materials and information with certain foreign persons, entities, or countries unless a license (permission) from the U.S. Government is obtained, or an exclusion applies. In addition, all U.S. Government funded research grants and most other private U.S. based funding sources require compliance with Federal Export Laws as a part of the funding agreements.  Rutgers Export Control will assist you in determining what you are allowed to share and with whom.  Rutgers Export Control uses a 3rd Party Software Program that is updated on a daily basis.  This software program screens over a hundred U.S. and International restricted parties lists.

Using a 3rd Party Software program, Rutgers Export Control screens individuals, companies, research institutions and countries for any restrictions.  Much of the screening does not require direct contact from the department or PI from Rutgers Export Control.  Rutgers Export Control screens from RAPSS submission, My Trips entries, and HR lists.  International Material Transfers, Visiting Scientist Agreements, and Deemed Export Petitions (Rutgers VISA applications) are submitted directly to Rutgers Export Control.  If any issues arise with regard to the screening, Rutgers Export Control promptly contacts the PI and department administrator.  If it is determined that an Export Control License is required in order to complete a transfer of technology, data, and/or materials, Rutgers Export Control will work with the PI in order to obtain such a license.  For more information on Rutgers Export Control, see

In addition to Export Control, Rutgers University central offices such as University Human Resources, and University Ethics and Compliance regularly conduct periodic and as-needed RPS as part of standard business process.  Prior to initiating research-related activities (e.g., travel, shipping equipment or physical items overseas, giving presentations at international institutions), you are expected to request restricted party screening from the Rutgers University Export Controls Office.