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Healthcare Compliance


We seek to build and sustain a world class University by promoting ethical conduct through collaboration and education. We help University faculty and staff understand applicable laws, rules, and regulations to create an active culture of compliance.


Our Compliance Officers:

  • educate and assist with development and conduct of effective training;
  • educate and assist with high risk regulatory and policy areas;
  • educate and assist with new policy development;
  • conduct audits and investigations;
  • provide an opportunity to report concerns confidentially;
  • prevent and detect violations, and:
  • collaboratively develop and implement corrective action plans.


Seven Elements of an Effective Compliance Program


The strengths of the Compliance Program are rooted in the seven elements of an effective compliance program as set forth under the U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines:


  1. Maintain a written code of conduct and policy
  2. Maintain a team of Compliance officers and manage an oversight committee
  3. Conduct regular training of employees
  4. Establish a process to receive complaints
  5. Establish a process to respond to allegations and remedy problems
  6. Conduct audits to monitor compliance
  7. Establish and maintain a process to investigate identified concerns